Paradise Moving & Storage Is Oakland’s Top Piano Mover

You Won’t Find A Better Piano Mover In Oakland, CA

Moving a piano in Oakland, CA requires the help of professional piano movers. After all, a piano is an expensive and unwieldy instrument that is difficult to move, even with the help of your family and friends. Luckily, piano moving services in Oakland happens to be a specialty for Paradise Moving & Service. Whether you need to move a piano down the block, or across town, give us a call and we will be glad to help.

We Are Fully Insured

Given its immense size, weight, and cost, a piano is a big liability. That is why it is so important to find Oakland piano movers who are fully insured. In some cases, you may even need to ask your HOA if a Certificate of Insurance is required when moving a piano. Here at Paradise Moving & Storage, we are fully insured with general liability, cargo protection, and workers’ compensation. If the need for an insurance claim arises, we can offer $0.60 per pound/article (unless you paid higher levels of valuation coverage, such as Full Value or Actual Cash Value).

We Are Experienced Piano Movers

One of the keys to moving pianos is experience. Would you trust piano movers who have only been on the job a week? Moving a piano requires more than brute strength and the right equipment: it requires skill, finesse, and experience. Don’t make the mistake of hiring piano movers who lack the skill, training, experience, and credentials required to get the job done right. If you do so, you will likely wind up with a broken piano. Worse still, you could also wind up with a costly lawsuit on your hands. After all, if someone is injured or a neighbor’s property is damaged as a result of a mishap during the move, you could be held liable.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

Unlike most piano movers in Oakland, CA, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. This commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in a number of ways:
● Attention to Detail
● Friendly Service
● Knowledgable Staff

Our attention to detail means that we will complete the piano move to your liking. Our commitment to friendly service means that we will treat you with respect and courtesy throughout the move. Our knowledgable and highly trained staff is ready to solve any problem you might have during the move.

Contact Us For A Free Quote For Our Piano Moving Service

If you are looking for piano movers in Oakland, CA, contact us for a free quote. We are happy to offer free quotes for our piano moving service Rest assured that our pricing for this service is competitive, and reflects the quality of work that we perform. If you would like a free quote, you can contact us by phone or by email. We will take all the stress out of moving your piano so that you don’t have to worry.